Meet our heroes, the Quitterpups

Lexi and Lily!Lexi is 5 months & Lily is 5 years old. 

These little girls are our company mascots and don’t like smoking or any nicotine for that matter.

Why do they not approve of nicotine?

First they don’t like that pet owners are playing with their nicotine thingies when they could be spending that time with their pets! That’s only the beginning…

Both secondhand smoke and thirdhand smoke hurt pets. Thirdhand smoke is smoke residues that gets on skin, clothes, furniture, carpets, and other things in the smoker’s environment, including their pets’ fur or feathers.


Dogs and other pets can develop changes in their skin and airways that are similar to those found in people who smoke. Toxic, cancer-causing particles, can lead to the increased risk of nose and lung cancer in pets.

Help our superhero Quitterpups

Lexi and Lily, fight for pets that are involuntarily exposed to air that could harm them! QUITTERPUPS RECOMMEND QUITTERCHECK 👍