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    Venquil Pocket is a specially-designed tool by Quittercheck to help curb nicotine cravings by replacing the cigarette or vape pen while also calming your mind and body.

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  • Meet Venquil Pocket, your healthier cigarette and vape alternative


    Venquil Pocket is a unique nicotine craving device from Quittercheck that can fit in your pocket, purse or drawer. It is the length of a long cigarette and takes the place of the cigarette and/or vape device and can help reduce nicotine cravings by addressing a crucial aspect of addiction: the hand-to-mouth motion involved in smoking and vaping. Venquil Pocket also promises a slew of other benefits, notably deep breathing which fosters feelings of calmness.

    Meet Venquil Pocket, your healthier cigarette and vape alternative

    Smoking has devastating effects on your health. It damages the heart and blood vessels, significantly increasing the risk of heart attack and circulatory diseases. Smoking also causes a long list of cancers, and just to put some perspective into it, cigarettes are responsible for one in every 8 cancer cases, with one out of every 5 cancer deaths resulting from cigarettes.

    Quitting smoking is a challenging process. That’s why despite the obvious dangers of tobacco usage known to one and all, many users simply find it hard to kick the habit.

    There are plenty of cessation tools out there available to people addicted to tobacco, but the problem with most of these quitting aids is that they are largely ineffective. Therefore, you find most people relapsing not long after quitting.

    Until Quittercheck.

    Quittercheck is a digital clinic that addresses the shortcomings that make most cessation tools ineffective. It achieves this by focusing on both the physical and psychological aspects of tobacco addiction. Most quitting aids fail because they only tackle the physical side of addiction.

    Quittercheck is a complete cessation program that encourages you to plan your nicotine-withdrawal journey day-by-day, with the Education part of the program providing you with all the resources and material you need so you can start to shift these habits without relapsing back into smoking again. This part of the program addresses the psychological aspect of the addiction.

    Our program also provides you with a set of physical products to help you quit smoking and make a shift in your life. These breathings tools cater to the physical side of nicotine addiction, and it is here that Venquil Pocket (and Venquil Pendant necklace) fit in.

    Venquil Pocket is a mindful craving device that developed to take the place of the cigarette or vape device by giving users looking to quit an actual breathing regulation device that they can turn to in a bid to combat the craving and shift their focus.

    You see, one of the reasons that makes smoking an even harder habit to drop is the hand-to-mouth action involved in holding a cigarette and lifting it to your lips. This is, to a large part, one of the reasons vaping has been established to be a more effective cessation method compared to NRT options like nicotine gum, patches and lozenges. That’s because the act of vaping resembles smoking a cigarette down to a t, and this is particularly a big deal in the case of heavy and long-term smokers who have made the habit second-nature.

    However, the downside with vaping is that it still keeps you hooked on nicotine, the very monster you’re looking to slay.

    There is the argument that it’s possible to scale down your nicotine strength with vape e-liquids. While that’s entirely possible, it takes longer to completely eliminate this addiction from your life and in the process, you might even decide that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, so you never really get to dig yourself out of the hole. In essence, what you’re doing is switching from one form of nicotine addiction to another.

    The Quittercheck program is aimed at shortening your quitting journey, before eventually shifting the habit from your life completely. The Venquil Pocket can prove key in those efforts.

    Quittercheck plans and tools

    The Quittercheck program is available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded as a free application on the App Store and Google Playstore respectively. The mindful program comes as a suite of plans suited for different levels of nicotine users.

    These plans include:

    • Free plan – the base plan. It introduces you to the Quittercheck program and includes the Education modules. Does not include any physical products.
    • Trial plan – this is a weekly plan that gives you a better feel of what Quittercheck is all about. It’s available for $2 which goes into covering the 1 practice test, 1 nicotine test, complete with a review from Quittercheck, and the Education lessons.
    • 12-week plan to quit smoking – designed for people who have been smoking or actively using nicotine for less than a year and/or individuals who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day (or its vaping equivalent). Perfect for light and casual smokers/vapers.
    • 16-week plan to quit smoking – designed for people who have been smoking or actively using nicotine for a period of more than a year but not exceeding 4 years, as well as smokers of 1 pack a day (or its vaping equivalent). Ideal for moderate smokers.
    • 22-week plan to quit smoking – designed for people who have smoked or actively been using tobacco for more than 4 years, as well as smokers of more than a pack of cigarettes a day (or its vaping equivalent). Suits heavy smokers or those that have tried multiple times to quit without success.

    In addition, Quittercheck also includes a set of tools to aid in your quitting journey. These include:

    • Venquil Pocket – optional but recommended for moderate to heavy smokers and vapers, as well as users who desire a device to help curb cravings. The breathing device is pocket-sized and can be hung on a necklace, helping you keep it on hand whenever the cravings hit.
    • Venquil Pendant – optional but also recommended for moderate to heavy smokers and vapers, as well as users who desire a breathing device to help curb cravings. The Venquil Pendant is a wearable that hangs on a necklace to always be within easy reach.

    At Quittercheck, we understand how hard it is to drop a deeply-entrenched smoking habit. As such, we set out to put together a practical yet super effective cessation tool, and what you have is a powerful quitting aid capable of significantly upping your chances of breaking the chain of addiction.

    The Venquil Pocket plays a big role in that.

    Venquil Pocket

    Our main aim at Quittercheck is to help you shorten your nicotine quitting journey, so we provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

    There is a caveat, though: this program is not an elixir that will make your addiction disappear faster than you can say abra kadabra. Effort and commitment will be required on your part, but provided your mind is set on quitting, we guarantee you one of the most effective quitting aids out there with actual accountability, irrespective of the Quittercheck plan you’re subscribed to.

    The Venquil Pocket will be one of the most important tools in your arsenal. This mindful craving device will come in handy when you experience withdrawal symptoms as it addresses two aspects of addiction.

    For starters, this is a device particularly designed to take the place of the cigarette or vape device that you were used to. Thus, there is no longer that desire to always be holding onto or fiddling with something (cigarette or e-cig device) after quitting smoking or vaping as the Venquil device keeps your hands busy. 

    Secondly, using the Venquil allows you to incorporate deep breathing techniques very much akin to what you do while smoking a traditional cigarette – which is the aspect of smoking that helps smokers relax.

    Venquil Pocket is made to resemble a cigarette in mechanism, only that this time, there is no harmful smoke and chemicals to inhale into your body. It’s pocket-friendly, and can be hung on a necklace to always keep in within reach. In other words, if you smoke or vape to cope with stress or anxiety, Venquil Pocket can give you that sense of calm and relief that you used to get from either of the former in an organic way. 

    Likewise, when you feel a sudden urge to smoke, Venquil Pocket can be your new healthy companion. Just pause and take deep breaths with the aid of the device, and it won’t be long until you find some relief. Mindful breathing techniques are scientifically proven to help reduce nicotine cravings, lower stress hormones, decrease blood pressure, and ease anxiety. The opening diameter is designed to create the same airflow on inhale that a cigarette or vape device would. This diameter also creates a backpressure on exhale, this resistance stimulates the nerves responsible for bringing about a calming response. 

    Venquil Pocket, therefore, can help you ride the nicotine withdrawal wave calmly by regulating your breathing, making it the perfect craving device that doubles up as a mood booster.


    Venquil is a specially-designed mindful tool from Quittercheck to help you quell those incessant nicotine cravings.

    The craving device is also recommended for use when you need to ease feelings of stress and anxiety when they come during the course of your tobacco withdrawal journey, especially if you’re accustomed to using cigarettes or your vape device to help deal with these feelings.

    There are days you might feel the urge to take a cigarette. Venquil comes in as a handy pocket tool to help you keep that urge at bay, slowly easing you into a healthier lifestyle.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Venquil Pocket?

     Venquil Pocket is a mindful craving device from Quittercheck that can help you shift your focus away from your cravings and towards healthier habits. It’s designed to fit in the pocket (hence the name) also available as a pendant for any necklace of your choice. The device also brings additional benefits associated with deep breathing techniques such as the potential to ease stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and more. 

    How does it work?

    It can be a struggle to shift away from cigarettes, especially when you’re in the middle of a craving. Venquil Pocket is a hand-held device that mimics the sensation of smoking by allowing you to exhale into it, which gives you something else to do with your hands when a craving hits. This helps you break the mental connection between your cravings and smoking. 

    Is Venquil Pocket safe?

    Venquil Pocket is completely safe for use, even during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or while on other medications. It has no harmful chemicals or impurities, so you can start using it right away!

    How big is it?

    It fits easily into your pocket (or purse, or backpack). Available also as a pendant on a necklace. Take it wherever you go!

    Where can I get my Venquil Pocket?

    It’s available on Quittercheck website. Just click here to go to the webpage where you can buy yours!

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