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Venquil – Pendant

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Includes chain *Venquil available in the app when purchased with a plan

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    Venquil Pendant is a special tool designed by Quittercheck to help curb nicotine cravings and promote mindful breathing which helps with stress and anxiety when quitting.

    Includes chain *Venquil available in the app when purchased with a plan
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  • Introducing Venquil Pendant, a wearable to help you curb nicotine cravings


    Venquil Pendant is a specially-designed craving device from Quittercheck that can be worn like a necklace around the neck. It helps reduce nicotine cravings while providing additional benefits such as anxiety and stress relief during your nicotine cessation journey by regulating your breathing.

    Introducing Venquil Pendant, a wearable to help you curb nicotine cravings

    Smoking is harmful to your health. It is responsible for the highest number of preventable deaths in the world, claiming approximately 8 million lives each year.

    Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable cancer and cancer deaths globally, with lung cancer – majority of the cases of which are caused by smoking – claiming more people than any other type of cancer, including among individuals who have never smoked (aka secondary users).

    And it’s not just lung cancer. Tobacco use has been linked to more than a dozen types of cancer, with over 40% of all cancer cases diagnosed in the United States being attributed to smoking, according to the CDC. These include cancer of the mouth, throat, voicebox, esophagus, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach and others.

    Beyond cancer, cigarette smoking also causes a plethora of other diseases and conditions, including heart disease and stroke, pulmonary emphysema and bronchitis, rheumatic diseases, eye conditions, sexual impotence etc.

    Quitting smoking, therefore, is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health – and life expectancy. But it’s not that many smokers are not willing to quit. Most are. In fact, most have tried at some point, only to find themselves picking up the habit again. Numbers from the CDC show that it takes 8 to 11 attempts on average to successfully become nicotine-free.

    Nicotine is one of the hardest substances to quit once you’re hooked on it. And it’s not that there is a dearth of nicotine cessation tools out there. There are plenty of them, but the majority of these tools are simply ineffective.

    A large part of the reason as to why has to do with the fact that most of these quitting aids only address the physical side of nicotine addiction. Even so, a lot of these tools inherently do not factor in the importance of simulating the actual act of smoking – that is, holding a cigarette in the hand and lifting it to the lips.

    Enter Quittercheck and Venquil Pendant.

    Quittercheck is a complete cessation program that encourages you to plan your nicotine-withdrawal journey day-by-day, easing you into a nicotine-free lifestyle more seamlessly. The program comes in the form of an app supported by an array of tools for use during your nicotine cessation journey.

    The app part of the Quittercheck program addresses the psychological aspect of nicotine addiction. It provides you with a treasure trove of information comprising lessons, guides, quizzes and encouragement material that can help fast-track your quitting journey and boost your odds of successfully overcoming your nicotine addiction.

    Quittercheck also includes a set of different tools. Some – like the nicotine test – are part of the standard package. Others – like the Venquil Pendant and its sibling device, the Venquil Pocket – are optional but recommended particularly for smokers and vapers.

    Venquil – both the wearable and pocket-sized variants – serves the very important role of replacing the cigarette or vape device by providing you with a device to fight nicotine cravings without putting your health at risk.

    Question is, why Venquil?

    The Venquil concept: A breathing necklace

    One often understated aspect of nicotine addiction is the hand-to-mouth repetitive drill that smokers (or vapers) engage in. It might seem trivial, but this is indeed one of the main reasons many smokers find it even harder to ditch the habit, the addictive effects of nicotine notwithstanding.

    After years of smoking – which stretch more than a decade or several for some – this drill becomes part of a smoker’s routine; almost second-nature to them. As such, failing to address this small but very crucial element when you’re quitting means the cessation process will be even more challenging because what you’re essentially doing is giving up a tendency that has become part of your daily life over the course of many years; decades probably.

    This is why smokers are often advised to find something to keep their hands (and mouth) busy when they lay off the cigs so that they can keep the mind distracted to reduce the likelihood of caving in to those persistent nicotine cravings.

    It is this gap that the Venquil devices from Quittercheck – the Venquil Pendant and Venquil Pocket – seek to fill.

    A Venquil device functions in much the same way as a cigarette or vape device, only this time, there is no smoke or chemicals involved: just a purpose-built device to inhale and exhale with. The opening diameter is designed to create the same airflow on inhale that a cigarette or vape device would. This diameter also creates a backpressure on exhale, a resistance that stimulates the nerves responsible for bringing about a calming response. Venquil resembles a traditional cigarette in form and function, which is why the device’s size will feel familiar both in the hand and when using it.

    Venquil comes in handy when cravings strike as you have a device that allows you to simulate the act of smoking, something that works wonders for your psychology. It gives your mind the impression that while there is no nicotine involved when using this device, it does a pretty good job of fending off those nicotine cravings.

    With time, you slowly grow into it, until one day you realize that you managed to overcome the nicotine cravings and are well on your way to achieving a completely nicotine-free lifestyle without all the dangers associated with tobacco use.

    The Venquil Pendant doubles up as a breathing pendant used to practice mindful breathing. A breathing pendant or breathing necklace – which has its roots in the monk shift breathing tool known as Komuso – is used in mindfulness circles as a healthy way of coping with difficult emotions such as stress and anxiety.

    Research has established that 10 minutes of mindful breathing can significantly reduce nicotine cravings. What else science has shown is that deep breathing brings additional benefits such as easing anxiety, reducing stress hormones, lowering blood pressure and more.

    Just like the breathing necklace, the Venquil Pendant comes with a chain for hanging around the neck for convenience when going about your day. Sleek in design, it won’t look out of place as a neck wearable – which it basically is. But of course, the primary job of the Pendant is to help curb cravings while giving you a tool to deal with stress and anxiety; the aesthetics are just but a bonus.

    Quittercheck plans and tools

    The Quittercheck program is available for free download on the App Store and Google Playstore. The program comes in several plans designed with different levels of nicotine users in mind.

    These plans include:

    • Free plan – the base plan. It introduces you to the Quittercheck program with access to the education modules. Does not include any physical products.
    • Trial plan – this is a weekly plan that gives you a better feel of what Quittercheck is about. It’s available for $2 which goes into covering 1 practice test and 1 nicotine test, complete with a review from Quittercheck.
    • 12-week plan to quit smoking – designed for people who have been smoking or actively using nicotine for less than a year and/or individuals who smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day (or its vaping equivalent). Perfect for light and casual smokers/vapers.
    • 16-week plan to quit smoking – designed for people who have been smoking or actively using nicotine for a period of more than a year but not exceeding 4 years, as well as smokers of 1 pack a day (or its vaping equivalent). Ideal for moderate smokers and nicotine users.
    • 22-week plan to quit smoking – designed for people who have smoked or actively been using tobacco for more than 4 years, as well as smokers of more than a pack of cigarettes a day (or its vaping equivalent). Suits heavy smokers and heavy nicotine users.

    The Quittercheck program also includes a number of tools to aid in your quitting journey. These include:

    • Venquil Pendant – a wearable with a chain that hangs on the neck, the Pendant is recommended for people looking to quit smoking or vaping and need a healthy way to deal with nicotine cravings. Moderate and heavy smokers in particular – as well as vapers – will find the Venquil extremely beneficial.
    • Venquil Pocket – a pocket-sized device to cope with nicotine cravings. It is also particularly recommended for moderate to heavy smokers and vapers.


    Our main aim at Quittercheck is to help you shorten your nicotine quitting journey and give you all the tools you need to succeed. The Venquil Pendant is one of them.

    However, while early use has shown our program to be highly effective by as much as 83%, it’s worth highlighting that Quittercheck is not a magic pill. The desire and effort to lead a nicotine-free life has to come from you. Provided that is there, we promise you one of the most effective nicotine cessation programs available out there.

    The Venquil Pendant is a big part of Quittercheck. An elegant accessory to accentuate any look, it’s a great way to eliminate cigarettes from your life for good and improve your general wellbeing.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the Venquil Pendant?

     The Venquil Pendant is a unique craving device developed by Quittercheck that can be worn as a necklace or pendant. It helps reduce nicotine cravings while offering a slew of additional benefits, including for example, anxiety and stress relief during your nicotine-quitting journey.

    Does the Pendant breathing tool really work?

    Think of the Pendant as a shift breathing tool, a calming tool that borrows from the Komuso necklace inspired by Japanese monks. It’s a mindfulness breathing tool that offers a host of benefits, especially related to stress and anxiety. The Venquil Pendant is founded upon this breathing concept that research has shown can help smokers overcome nicotine cravings.

    What is a meditation breathing necklace?

    A meditation breathing necklace is a specially designed necklace that encourages deeper and mindful breathing. Such breathing takes you into a mini-meditative state of mind, helping calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

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