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  • Description

    Gifter: One who buys a gift card for someone they care, the gift receiver can then use the gift card on the app to make purchases.
    Quitter: Anyone using the app to quit addictions by buying plans themselves or by using gift cards for the purchase.
    The value on gift card can be used by the receiver throughout the app to buy any plan.

    After purchase, the amount remaining on gift card will be automaticlaly moved to the pledge amount for the active plan. The amount can be won back after successful completion of quitting plan and can be withdrawn by the Quitter.

    In case any test is failed the pledge amount is forfeited and Quitter will have to pledge an amount of their own to continue with the quitting plan.

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  • Shipping

    Gift cards purchased through the app are delivered to your recipient via email.

The actual product may vary from the images shown on the app or website. The authentic colors and forms may differ depending on the device you are using to view the product, the materials used for packaging may differ, or the angle at which the item is photographed.