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    A 16-week plan for people who have been actively using nicotine for 1-4 years or smokers of 1 pack a day (or its vaping equivalent). Also ideal if you’ve had some success quitting before, but need extra accountability to avoid relapsing.

    • 32 Quittercheck Tests
    • Twice A Week Test Reviews
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  • The Accountability Smoking Cessation Plan


    The Accountability Smoking Cessation Plan is a nicotine quitting plan developed by Quittercheck that significantly boosts your chances of permanently becoming nicotine-free. This plan is best suited for people who have been actively smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco for over a year, as well as individuals who smoke about 1 pack of cigarettes per day, or its vaping equivalent.

    The Accountability Smoking Cessation Plan

    There are few benefits – if any – associated with smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes are synonymous with poor health and are a known cause of serious illnesses such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, among others – in addition to being attributed to a litany of other conditions which include premature aging, eye complications, fertility issues and more.

    Most people pick up smoking, vaping, or smokeless tobacco without much forethought on what they may be getting themselves into, and it’s not until the nicotine addiction sets well and truly in that they realize they cannot function without nicotine. Ask many in retrospect and they’ll admit it’s not a good place to find yourself in.

    There are different smoking cessation tools available to smokers and other nicotine users, but most are incredibly ineffective long term. This is why most people who attempt to quit nicotine are rarely successful and often find themselves relapsing sooner or later.

    Quittercheck was developed on the basis of this understanding. We realized a good deal of smokers and nicotine users are really keen to drop the habit, but they lack an effective quitting aid to help them do so that will actually keep them accountable. That’s particularly the case for medium and heavy tobacco users who might have a harder time than most eliminating nicotine from their life.

    The Quittercheck Accountability smoking cessation plan was developed with these particular users in mind – smokers of one cigarette pack a day and people who’ve been actively using nicotine for a period exceeding one year, but no more than 4 years. If you fall into either category, this Accountability plan to quit smoking is the only quitting tool you’ll ever need.

    But why Accountability?

    Well, the plan length was designed after comprehensive research that looked into the average relapse time of medium and heavy nicotine users. Through a well-crafted week-by-week system, this plan will help you successfully overcome your nicotine addiction so you can take back control of your life. Each week, you will be required to pass the Quittercheck nicotine test in the expectation that you’ve been able to abstain from nicotine in the run up to test day.

    We conducted earlier tests on the practicability of this model and established that over 83% of the nicotine users who followed the Quittercheck plan were able to successfully purge nicotine from their life, ultimately becoming nicotine-free. They were able to permanently quit cigarette smoking, vaping and use of smokeless tobacco products, including dip and chew.

    Accountability quit-smoking plan: Zero-sum game

    According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it takes an average of 8 to 11 attempts to finally overcome nicotine addiction. Our aim at Quittercheck is to shorten the nicotine quitting journey by providing a more effective method that puts you in firm control over your own cessation journey while making you more accountable.

    You see, one of the main reasons most people regress in their nicotine quitting journey is because they stand to lose nothing in the process. Barring the damage on the wallet and negative effects on their health, there really isn’t much else on the line. Throw money into the equation (actual consequential money) and suddenly the stakes get higher.

    Quittercheck employs a system that involves a deterrent method whereby you pledge a certain amount of your choosing in hard cash as surety on your word that you won’t use nicotine for a defined period of time – usually on a weekly basis. You don’t lose your pledge money unless you relapse along the way and fail your nicotine test, following which this money is then channeled to other users enrolled in the program as a reward for managing to stay nicotine-free each week.

    If you pass your weekly test, you’ll also reap similar benefits: you will earn a reward from the pledge money deducted from users who failed their nicotine test on any given week. It’s a zero-sum game – you fail your test, you lose; you pass, you earn a reward. This is basically what is known as loss aversion and positive reinforcement, the two forms of behavioral therapy that the Quittercheck program is founded upon.

    Loss aversion technique  in particular has been scientifically proven to be more effective as people are less inclined to lose something, especially when that something is money. The higher the amount (you pledge) the less likely you are to cave in to cravings and triggers, and the more likely you are to keep your eyes on the prize: which is to remain nicotine-free.

    It has worked with 83% of former nicotine users, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you if you’re really determined to become nicotine-free.

    Speaking of health, the dangers of smoking on both smokers and secondary smokers are nothing new. Cigarettes KILL. They kill through serious diseases like COPD, heart disease, stroke and cancer; many forms of cancer – mouth cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the esophagus, mouth, larynx, lungs, kidney, liver, cancer of the stomach, colon and more – a  list the American Cancer Society places at a dozen, with other credible reports placing the count at north of 16.

    To drive the point home, consider these facts:

    • Tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death in the US
    • One in every 5 people who die in the US die from a smoking-related disease
    • Smoking accounts for 90% of all lung cancer cases in the world
    • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, with roughly more than one in every 5 people who die from cancer succumbing to lung cancer

    We could go on about the dangers of smoking and tobacco use, but there’s no breaking news on this issue that’s not in the public domain really.

    Thing is, dropping cigarettes from your life can save your life and that of your loved ones, and the Accountability smoking cessation plan is one of your best chances of quitting successfully if you go through a pack a day or have been smoking or using nicotine actively for more than a year.

    Accountability plan to quit smoking: Risk vs reward

    So, if you have been smoking or using nicotine for more than a year – and ideally for a period not exceeding 4 years – or are someone who goes through approximately a pack a day (give or take a few sticks), you would be doing yourself and your loved ones a huge favor by opting in to our Accountability smoking cessation plan. Assuming, of course, you want to become nicotine-free! And who doesn’t, right?

    Look, we understand that getting rid of your nicotine addiction is not easy if you have been hooked for a decent amount of time. Which is why we’re here in the first place. Like many nicotine users, you’ve probably tried quitting more times than you can remember, but without much success. Every time you think you’ve gone far enough – for the few times that you’ve managed to escape the nicotine shackles for several days uninterrupted (or a week or more if you were steadfast in your efforts) – you find yourself back in square one again. That can be dispiriting, we know.

    This is why we developed the Quittercheck program with the aim of increasing your quitting success rate.

    How do we do it, you ask?

    Well, for starters, we’ve already walked you through the behavioral therapy model of loss aversion theory and positive reinforcement that the Quittercheck program is based upon. The whole idea is to keep you committed and accountable to yourself (because no one else will). We aim to make it a fun challenge in every sense of the phrase, with both tangible losses and rewards. Your choice.

    More than that, the Quittercheck program – which is also informed by intensive research on nicotine use from clinics across the United States –  aims to lend you help and support so you can stick to your Accountability quit-smoking plan.

    Accountability plan for nicotine withdrawal

    The Accountability smoking cessation plan is most ideal if you have already developed a nicotine addiction and have used tobacco for more than a year. As mentioned previously, this plan is also a good fit if you consume as much as a pack of cigarettes every day, or its vaping equivalent.

    You can try our 7-day trial plan before purchasing the Accountability quit-smoking plan to get a general feel of this quitting program, although if you’re really hellbent in eliminating nicotine from your life, you might as well dive into the deep end with the full plan. However, we encourage you to plan for it in advance by preparing yourself mentally because as effective as Quittercheck may be, nicotine still remains one of the hardest substances to quit, and it helps if your mind is really invested in the process.

    The 7-day trial aside, we also provide a 12-week smoking cessation plan designed for light smokers and users who have been using nicotine for less than a year, as well as a 22-week smoking quitting plan designed with heavy smokers in mind (more than a pack a day and smokers of more than four years). All these plan lengths are meticulously designed based on real-life experiences extracted from exhaustive clinical research into the average relapse time.

    After setting a long-term plan to permanently eliminate tobacco from your life, download the Quittercheck app on your smartphone and proceed to select your nicotine habits. Next, create your profile and then purchase the Accountability smoking cessation plan (if you’ve used nicotine for more than a year or smoke approx. a pack a day). Choose your desired Quit Date and Testing Date, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming nicotine-free!

    The first two weeks might prove extremely hard to bear, but get through this tricky phase and it’s downhill from there for the most part. You’ll need to avoid all smoking triggers and find ways to keep your cravings at bay, but the bonus with our program is  that we walk this journey with you step-by-step, providing you with all the education material and encouragement you need to get through each day, before ultimately crossing the line successfully.

    The pledge aspect of the Accountability smoking cessation plan is customizable in that it allows you to increase your pledge amount as you deem fit. However, keep in mind that you cannot decrease the pledge amount once you have increased it.

    You can cancel the plan at any time, although you will forfeit any pledge amount paid in advance. If there was no pledge paid in advance, 1.25x of the pledge amount specified will be deducted from the card on file.

    Testing system for Accountability tobacco withdrawal plan 

    When using the Accountability plan to quit smoking, you will be able to access all crucial information, including your pledge money, your rewards, past test videos and more from the Quittercheck dashboard. The program as a whole is a combination of a mobile application and physical products comprising the Venquil device (hardware designed to replace the cigarette or vape device) and a package with kits that will be delivered to you in person.

    The package will include 1 Practice Kit, Nicotine Test Kits to last you 4 months, and an easy-to-follow Instruction Guide.

    You will use the nicotine kit every time you’re prompted to get tested. For this plan, the testing frequency is two tests per week for the 16-week period.

    You will receive a notification in the app about your test day, following which you’ll then have 24 hours to submit your test. The Quittercheck test is very easy to administer and only takes 5 minutes to confirm whether you are nicotine-free. Or not. You should record the test and share it with us, as shall be instructed.

    The Quittercheck Accountability smoking cessation plan is a perfect opportunity to embark on a new nicotine-free chapter in your life. A lot of it will have to do with your own desire to achieve your goal of becoming nicotine-free, but since willpower can only take you so far, we will provide you with all the help and support you need to get across the finish line that you won’t find any place else, significantly boosting your success rate before you even get started. This includes full access to the Quittercheck Education and Quiz section.

    Conclusion: Avoiding smoking triggers for Accountability smoking quitting plan

    Quittercheck’s Accountability quit-smoking plan is one of the most comprehensive quitting aids available to people looking to become nicotine-free. It is designed for people who have been using nicotine for more than a year but not exceeding a period of 4 years, as well as smokers of approximately 1 cigarette pack a day.

    Making the decision to quit is a well-informed choice and this plan is a perfect way to reclaim your health and start a brand new chapter in your life. A more enjoyable chapter.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q-What is the 16-week Smoking Cessation Plan?

    A-The 16-week plan to quit smoking is a specially-designed nicotine quitting plan under the Quittercheck program developed for people who have been actively using nicotine for more than a year but for a period not exceeding 4 years. It is also suited for smokers of 1 pack of cigarettes a day (or its vaping equivalent).

    What is a smoking cessation plan?

    A smoking cessation plan is a step-by-step strategic plan that will help you permanently quit smoking. A good plan consists of a quit date, quitting aids, and guide on how to avoid cravings, as well as identify and withdraw all personal smoking triggers. Adhering to a cessation plan like Quittercheck’s 16-week plan boosts your odds of permanently eliminating nicotine from your life.

    How do you make a smoking cessation plan

    To create a smoking cessation plan, first select and circle your quit date on the calendar. Then, identify and remind yourself of the reasons you need to become nicotine-free, whether it’s quitting smoking, vaping or using smokeless tobacco. Include your smoking triggers and how to actively avoid them, and inform your loved ones of your decision to quit so you can have another form of support and accountability to supplement the Quittercheck app.

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