Success Tools

These tools can make your plan more successful and increase your chances on your path to permanently quitting.

Make Testing Easier

To get the most accurate video test, your camera should be stabilized and angled correctly to keep you and the test always in view. Adjustable, foldable, and portable.

Phone Mount


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Adjustable, foldable, and portable.

Reduce Cravings and Stress

The breathing backpressure created with Venquil scientifically helps combat the stress response induced from cravings.

Venquil Wearable: Includes chain, easy access to bring calm to stressful craving moments.

Venquil Pocket-sized: Keep close by at the home or office when cravings hit.

High gloss finish. Made from hypoallergenic 316L surgical stainless steel.

Venquil – Pocket Sized


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Take it anywhere

Venquil – Wearable


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Includes chain

Practice Self Control

This timed lock box allow you to lock your nicotine away for a time period of your choosing. Use this when beginning to quit to challenge yourself to go longer and longer, e.g. smoking only 1 cigarette every 2 hours. Set for minutes, hours, or days. Batteries included.

Timed Lock Box


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Set for minutes, hours, or days. Batteries included.