How many times have you thought about quitting?

Chances are, many times!

Quittercheck is the first nicotine cessation tool that gives an immediate consequence: if you smoke/vape/chew, you lose money. That got your attention, right? That’s because it taps into the fear of loss, a powerful deterrent. We’ve curated an effective set of tools and processes to interrupt ingrained behavior patterns.

What makes Quittercheck so great?

We keep you honest!

1. Pick your habit & plan.

Set a deterrent amount you wouldn't want to lose.  Either: Put a credit card on file (charged only if failed) OR Pay ahead any amount to have it returned as a reward (failed tests are deducted from this amount).

2. You are put to the test!

You’ll be notified to take the saliva nicotine tests on a random day each week on video in the app for proof.

3. Passed the test? Great!

Keep it up. Failed or skipped the test? Your pledged cash is deducted (100% distributed to users who passed their tests & to cessation charities).

Quit for your health and freedom

Yes! I want to quit smoking!

Why it works:The Science

Quittercheck employs loss aversion as a psychological strategy to effectively quit for good. Loss aversion theory shows that we have a stronger response to loss than reward, and we use the pledge system to tap into this fear of loss – no one wants to lose their hard-earned money!

Quittercheck is also built on positive psychology. We’ll send you positive reinforcements throughout your quitting journey with us, including lessons and encouragement. Plans are customizable too – you can request to be tested more frequently, if you feel you need the extra accountability.

More than just a testing device

Quittercheck testing is a powerful habit-killing tool all on its own. However, we recommend using additional tools to safeguard against withdrawals and ensure long-lasting success. We offer the most comprehensive plan so you can succeed, and fast

Therapist-designed interactive techniques help you to overcome psychological triggers and habits

Our patches, gum, and lozenges ease cravings making testing easier and guide you toward permanent quitting

If needed, we can set you up with a virtual appointment (via text or video) with a professional.

a QuitterCheck Companion

A huge part of a nicotine addiction actually comes down to the action of holding something and lifting it to your lip. We designed Venquil to help curb this habit by giving you something to replace that cigarette or vape pen.

Plus, the Venquil tool is smarter than it looks, as it calms your body and mind by slowing down your exhalations. Venquil helps you to ride the wave calmly through those nagging cravings by providing back pressure to regulate your breathing. Proper breathing techniques are scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Ease anxiety

“Breath control helps quell errant stress response.”

“A way to build resillience to stress, anxiety and anger.”

“Proper breathing brings better health”

Are you ready to quit smoking?

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Yes! I want to quit smoking!

4 Week Plan


One time payment

The 4 week plan will help you start your journey to becoming nicotine free, but it may not help with the psychological withdrawals that come later.

  • 4 tests + 1 practice test
  • Access to the Quittercheck mobile app
  • 1 random test review per week
Available April 20th

12 Week Plan


One time payment
(600 Available)

This plan addresses the average 12 weeks for brain chemistry to reset, but cravings often persist and relapse is possible.

  • 12 tests + 1 practice test
  • Access to the Quittercheck mobile app
  • 1 random test review per week
  • 1 wearable Venquil
Available April 20th

20 Week Plan


One time payment
(600 Available)

20 weeks with Quittercheck can help you break free from your smoking habit for good. If you stick it out for 20 weeks, you are unlikely to go back.

  • 20 tests + 1 practice test
  • Access to the Quittercheck mobile app
  • 1 random test review per week
  • 3 Pocket-sized Venquils & 1 wearable Venquil
Available April 20th
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Early testers were 83% successful

About the Team

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, quitting smoking took on a whole new urgency. This inspired Dr. Trevor J. McGerr and a team of scientific advisors and programmers to create a fast and effective way to quit smoking.

The team worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to create the Quittercheck platform and kits with the help of volunteer smokers. With 83% of volunteer smokers staying smoke free, the team at Quittercheck knew they’d hit the nail on the head.

Now, they are setting their sights on helping the wider public quit smoking and reduce the 480,000+ annual preventable deaths from nicotine in the United States.

You can quit smoking, with the right tools.

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