Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Select a plan that suits your nicotine usage and begin customizing your plan in 2 steps! To get the most success out of your plan add tests days, backup tests, or other tools we have available. Detailed instructions and information come with all plans. Upon delivery we will have easy to follow steps to get you going.

We currently have 4 plans. 1,12,20, and 28 weeks. Each plan is tailored to a specific type of smoker and based off of cessation research. The 1 week trial is to help you get accustomed to the testing process. 

Plan lengths are based off of studies and relapse rates. We recommend the 20 or 28 week plans for a greater chance at success. You can review one full study at:,5%2C%208%2D10)

Oral saliva nicotine testing plans with free cognitive behavioral therapy lessons and activities in app.


The products below can be added to the plans or purchased individually.


  1. Phone mount for good video angle/stabilization during testing. This is foldable and portable.
  2. Venquil nicotine craving oral-fixation device. Helps to calm you during times of stress and cravings.
  3. Nicotine lock-box for habit control practice.
  4. Nicotine replacement therapy including patches, gum, and lozenges and online doctor visit for cessation prescription (both in future through the app)
  1. A suggested plan length will be given that will fit your level of use. Then you will  be able to choose your own plan length.
  2. You will be able to customize your plan to have more than 1 test days per week if needed. You will also be able to add additional test days while your plan is in progress through the app.
  3. You will be able to choose how much of a cash deterrent you want, called your ‘pledge’.
  4. You will be able to adjust your pledge higher during your plan duration, but not lower it.
  5. Plan cancellation or pausing is possible but you will forfeit any pledged amount that is paid ahead. If you only have a card on file, you would be charged 1.25x your pledge amount with the cost of reactivation being 50% of the plan cost. This all is to help you keep your commitment!
  6. Special requests for extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Family, friends and others will be able to donate rewards that you will see in your app dashboard for motivation. Donations will be available for 20 and 28 week plans.
  8. If you fail, you will be able to choose which cessation charity that will receive the pledged money from a list that we partner with. Discussions with charities are ongoing.

There is a 1 week trial period. It is intended to help you get accustomed to the testing process and see if it is right for your situation. Not designed for permanent cessation.


You’ll be able to earn reward money each week when you pass your tests. Reward money comes from anyone that has failed during the week. 75% of their pledge will be distributed to user’s who passed their testing, and 25% will go to cessation charities.

This reward will vary from week to week depending upon the number of failures and the amount they have pledged. Our initial calculations say it may range from $0.10 to $3.00 each week. Even a small weekly reward will help keep you going!

If any test is failed during the week you will not earn any reward for the week. This includes if you have more than 1 test per week and failed once but passed the other(s).

Pledges are required for all plans, even the trial. This is the deterrent amount that you set to prevent yourself from using nicotine. For each test failed, this pledge amount is charged to you. For example, if during a 28 week plan you fail twice, the pledge amount you choose will be charged twice.

You must ask yourself, what is the amount I wouldn’t want to pay for a cigarette. Would you purchase a pack of cigarettes at the store for $50, $800, or more?

The minimum pledge amount is $1. You can raise this amount during your plan, but not lower it.

You have 2 options with your pledge:

  1. Pay ahead.  Pay ahead of time any amount to be fully returned as an award. Really put something on the line that will deter you from using and motivate you to earn back. This amount you pay ahead of time is not the same as your pledge amount you choose. Any failure would result in your pledge being deducted from this amount you pay ahead.
  2. Charge. Put a credit card on file to only be charged if you fail. Your pledge amount will be charged to this card if you happen to fail a test.

You will be notified on a randomly chosen day by our app during the week. Why random? The oral saliva tests detect nicotine for up to 3 days and we don’t want you to be tempted to use nicotine around these tests. You’ll be notified primarily through app notifications, but also by email and if you choose, by text. You will be notified up to 3 times during the day, 1st notification is at 12 am. You will have 24 hours to take the test and submit the video. Testing takes about 5 minutes. Caution should be taken if you have any condition or are on any medication that causes a very dry mouth. If you do have a dry mouth, you can increase saliva production either through drinking plenty of water or we can also advise some stimulation methods. If you are concerned about saliva amounts, you can try a trial period or order backup tests. The swabs have a saliva indicator that will turn red when we can be sure that enough saliva has been collected.

Our tests are 99% accurate and each batch produced is tested on multiple people with differing nicotine levels to ensure accuracy. Passing tests will feel great, and you’ll feel great knowing that each pass is a step in the direction of permanent cessation. 83% of our early testers who smoked cigarettes were able to successfully quit smoking.

Failures should be rare for everyone if you set the right deterrent amount. You will have 24 hours to challenge any test that we mark as failed before being charged. We will then have a senior reviewer assess the test video to make a final determination.

The test cube on the front has the markings, C and T. These represent, Control and Test areas, and are standard scientific testing terms used to detect a substance. In substance testing, even a faint line is used in determination.

Negative for nicotine (Pass): 2 lines, 1 in the C and 1 in the T areas.
Positive for nicotine (Fail): 1 line in the C area.
Invalid (Re-Test): 1 line in the T area or no lines at all. This should be very rare and would occur if you did not collect enough saliva. It doesn’t take much of saliva to be able to use our tests, to ensure you collect enough, swab for at least 2-3 minutes. You can submit another test if your test has an invalid reading.

Reasons for failure:

1. You test positive for nicotine, specifically the metabolite cotinine (COT). There will be a single line on the saliva test strip in the C area.
2. Submitting only a video of an invalid reading and not submitting a passing test.
3. Submitting no test video.
4. Testing process errors:

a. You have someone else take the test (we verify through photos you take during setup)
b. Your face or any part of test leave the video during opening of the package and/or swabbing.
c. Test cube at the end is not placed close enough to camera to have result visible, make sure the lines are seen on your phone’s screen.
d. Liquids or other materials in the mouth.
e. Camera captures a video recording of a previous passing test.

We require that during testing, the test package and you remain on camera the entire duration until the swab is placed in the testing cup. First we look to see that packaging starts unopened and the test is not tampered with. We will also check that the person testing is the person that signed up (your picture will be taken inside the app before beginning). We then check that water or other materials are not in the mouth when beginning.


You may submit as many tests as you’d like during your test day, for example you may not be sure if you took the test correctly and want to submit another. We aim to review the tests within 24 hours of submission.

The detection level is set so that secondhand smoke won’t trigger a failure.

You will likely fail testing if you were to have any form of nicotine, even 1 cigarette. Every person will metabolize nicotine differently, so how long nicotine is detected will vary. You will need to stop all nicotine products at least 5 days before testing to be safe. This includes patches, gum, and lozenges.

It will be easier to quit when you have a friend that is also doing the same. Share your struggles, keep each other accountable, and share how testing went. You’ll be nicotine free before you know it.

We’ve had 22 early testers for 8-20 weeks with 83% still nicotine free after 7 months. We’ve also done quality testing with internal team members. Currently, we are bringing on more volunteers for testing and more in-depth app usability experimenting so we have a smooth experience for everyone.


Shipping will start mid-July 2021 and will begin in the US. We will be looking into Canada and Europe in the near future. During our pre-sale shipping is a flat single charge of $2.99 for any amount of items you checkout with.

Credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

Soon Apple Pay and Google Pay

At any point during the pre-sale a full refund will be given. After delivery a full refund will be given within 30 days if all items are in their original packaging.

Up to 2 tests can be opened for a 70% refund of all other tests plus cost of return shipping.

After 30 days a restocking fee of 70% will be assessed plus return shipping. Our plans are designed as a serious commitment and this policy is in place to help you keep your initial commitment.

Helping you reach your goal, is our goal. When you join with us, it is a partnership throughout your plan and we’ll be there every step of the way.