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Our mission

Nicotine addiction is famously hard to give up. We formed Quittercheck to make it easy and actually effective, most of the methods out there are not, plain and simple.

We are

Based in Pennsylvania with those in our company all being touched by the effects of nicotine addiction and it’s consequences.

We are educators, doctors, programmers and artists. We’ve combined our skill set to bring you Quittercheck and will keep looking for ways to improve.


When the pandemic hit, quitting smoking took on a whole new urgency. This inspired our team and our scientific advisors to create a fast and effective way to quit smoking.

The team worked tirelessly throughout 2020 to create the Quittercheck platform. With 83% of volunteer smokers staying smoke free, the team at Quittercheck knew they’d hit the nail on the head.

We are now setting our sights on helping the wider public
quit smoking and reduce the 480,000+ annual preventable
deaths from tobacco in the United States.


Customized Plans

Everyone’s quit journey is unique. We make it easy to build a plan that will bring you across the finish line to freedom.

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