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Introducing an effective solution to quitting that’s based on the latest science and proven positive psychology.

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Effectively smoking. Earn money through accountability.

Quit faster with paid rewards, true accountability, and positive feedback that encourages real results.

Effectively smoking. Earn money through accountability.


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How Do We Help You?

Freedom from Nicotine starts with
3 Simple Steps:

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Select your plan

We know your nicotine cravings can be strong—but so can you. That’s why we’ve designed specific plans to help you quit smoking or vaping for good.

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Ready. Set. Test.

Complete weekly tests using the App to assess how well you’re doing in relation to your quit goal.

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You Passed!

Congratulations! You’re already on the path to achieving freedom from nicotine addiction.

Whether you light the occasional cigarette, or smoke 2 packs a day, we have plans tailored for your unique quit goal, and we’ll support you every step of the way. This truly is the most effective way to quit smoking.

  • Trial Plan. Finally had it and decided to quit nicotine? Our Trial Plan gives you the chance to experience Quittercheck’s proven solution and understand why it’s the most effective method to quit tobacco. The Trial Plan runs for 1 week and offers two Quittercheck tests.
  • Motivator Plan. A 12-week plan ideal for casual nicotine users, smokers of not more than 10 cigarettes a day, and persons who have been actively using nicotine for a period not exceeding one year. The Motivator Plan offers 15 Quittercheck tests: twice a week testing for the first 3 weeks, followed by a weekly test for the remaining duration, with weekly test reviews to boot.
  • Accountability Plan. A 16-week plan ideal for persons who have been actively using nicotine for 1-4 years and smokers of more than one pack a day (or its vaping equivalent). The Accountability Plan offers 32 Quittercheck tests with twice-a-week test reviews.
  • Full Rehab Plan. If you’re a heavy nicotine user that needs more accountability and time away from nicotine, the 22-week Full Rehab Plan would be perfect for you. It’s the best option if you have been actively using nicotine (smoking, vaping, or smokeless tobacco) for more than 4 years, or are a heavy user who has tried to quit before and relapsed multiple times. The Full Rehab Plan offers 44 Quittercheck tests with twice-a-week test reviews.

Note: The Quittercheck app is available to iOS and Android users for FREE. While not a fully-fledged plan, the free app unlocks the Quittercheck Information Center, a treasure trove of educational resources that serves as a helpful and inspirational guide during your quitting journey.

Now’s the perfect time to start! Pick your plan and make today the day you stop smoking.

Here’s how our tests work:

  • Begin by recording your test video on our app. All you need is a smartphone with a working camera. 
  • Unveil the unopened test package to the camera, making sure you also appear in the shot.
  • Carefully follow the instructions on the package and ensure there are no foreign objects in your mouth or that it’s not too dry. Drink some water beforehand if you need to.
  • Take the testing swab and gently sweep the inside of your cheek and underneath the tongue. Make sure to stay in front of the camera! When you’re done, place the swab inside the test cube and let it sit for a few minutes. Results should appear in approximately 5 minutes.
  • We’ll then verify the results, and you’ll be notified through the app. That’s it!

Each time you pass a test, you’ll receive an instant cash reward to keep you motivated throughout the cessation process. The longer you can go without  nicotine, the more money you can potentially earn; and the more money you earn, the bigger the motivation to stay away from cigarettes. Or vapes or tobacco. This reward-based system is partly the reason this is considered the most effective way to quit smoking. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that sometimes there won’t be any cash rewards. That simply means everyone in the program passed their tests – which in itself is a good thing.

Full transparency: It is unlikely that you will earn enough to completely cover the cost of your program. Payouts to individual users (aka Quitters) come from the pool of users that have failed their tests at any given time (which we hope will not be many!) divided by the entire number of users on the program.

Slipped up?

It’s not the end of the world if you fail. Don’t let one bad week discourage you from reaching your goal!

However, you won’t receive any cash rewards if you skip or fail a test. Instead, a deterrent amount that you chose will be deducted from your account and disbursed to users that passed. We designed this method to light the fire inside of you that will encourage you to push harder. The deterrent amount is the essence of aversion, the idea behind our quitting solution. This scientifically-backed approach is the reason the Quittercheck solution is a more effective way to quit smoking.

All you have to do is keep away from cigarettes and other nicotine replacement therapies (vapes, gum, patches and more) to ensure you receive weekly cash rewards.


Easy 5 minute tests

See your result in just a few minutes. Record the test with your phone in the app then submit video. We’ll then review.

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Using Quittercheck’s testing process is fast and easy. The entire process between taking the test and receiving your results only takes 10 to 15 minutes. A rigorous quitting process that rides on intuitive technology makes this an easy way to quit smoking.

The testing process is as easy as ABC:

  • Have a phone with a working camera. You need to record the process from the start, so position your phone strategically and start recording video when are ready to begin your test
  • Ensure the package as received is completely sealed and not tampered with. You need to provide video proof to the Quittercheck review staff before starting the test
  • Carefully read the instructions on the package
  • Next, open the package and proceed to take a nicotine saliva test. Using the swab provided, rub the inside of your mouth gently by swiping underneath your tongue, on the gums, or the inside of your cheek for a minute or two. Place the swab inside the test cube provided once done.
  • That’s it! After submitting your test, we review and share the results through the app in less than 15 minutes.


Reach your quit goal

  • Smoking Cessation Program

    Plans Designed for You
    Tests detect nicotine for up to 3 days, we’ll help build an effective plan around you.

    Quittercheck offers you a variety of plans based on science, psychology, and extensive medical research. To eliminate relapses, each plan is tailored to a specific type of nicotine user (that includes smokers, vapers and smokeless tobacco users) based on their nicotine usage habits. We acknowledge that everyone’s situation is different, and our plans were built to account for these unique circumstances. We’ll provide you with tips and science-backed hacks to quit, keeping your specific situation in mind.

  • Smoking Cessation Methods

    Change Your Brain
    Lessons helping you break physical and psychological dependence.

    “Quitting smoking is easy. I do it everyday.” How many times have you seen someone quit smoking, only to relapse a few days later? The truth is, all they did was try to resist temptation. That may work in the short-term, but very rarely in the long-term. At Quittercheck, we’ll help you retrain your brain from the ground up, and you’ll finally be able to quit smoking for good.
    We’ll teach you some of the most powerful techniques to stop smoking. Quitting becomes much easier when you understand the little details, and make small changes to supercharge your efforts.

  • Nicotine Cessation

    Build Accountability Today
    Your test(s) each week is reviewed by us. A bet on yourself is on the line if nicotine is detected.

    Accountability is one of the hardest parts of the quitting process. You’re much more likely to relapse if you cannot hold yourself responsible.
    Quittercheck keeps you accountable for your actions with our testing and pledge systems. The pledge is the amount you’re not willing to lose (your personal deterrent) by breaking the commitment that you’ve made to yourself.
    Each time you fail a test, you’ll lose this pledge amount to encourage you to stay on track and boost your chances of successfully quitting permanently.

  • Smoking Cessation Program

    Rewards Equal Results
    Earn a small sum each week for tests passed.

    Positive reinforcement is an excellent way to increase your chances of quitting smoking permanently, and this is where Quittercheck’s reward system helps. For every test that you pass, you’ll receive a cash reward.The amount fluctuates depending on the number of people that failed their test in a given week.
    As long as you pass your test, you won’t have to worry about any deductions from your pledge amount. Positive reinforcement, combined with loss-aversion, makes the Quittercheck program the most effective way to stop smoking.

  • Smoking Cessation Platform

    Save Thousands Every Year
    See how much you’ll save each week, year, and over your lifetime.

    Smoking or using other nicotine products can be expensive. It may not seem like much on a day-to-day basis, but costs quickly add up. And it’s not just cigarettes and nicotine products – between the additional chewing gum, coffee, and regular doctor-dentist visits, the average smoker spends a lot more than they realize! Find out how much you could save by using the Quittercheck savings calculator.
    Quitting smoking is not easy, but with our savings calculator, you can see just how much you stand to gain from making this lifestyle change over weeks, months, or even the course of a lifetime. Question is, are you ready to make the change?


83% success rate
with early testers

83% success rate with early testers
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Tobacco Cessation Program

The Science-backed Psychology

How our solution works

Tobacco Cessation Program

For many of us, smoking, vaping or using tobacco is just another habit. We’ve done it for so long that we don’t even think about it as a conscious action with permanent consequences.

Quitting can be challenging because our brains are accustomed to receiving nicotine at regular intervals, so it’s difficult to break that cycle long enough to kick the habit for good.

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Quittercheck has developed a unique approach to helping people quit nicotine. Our program uses advanced psychological techniques like aversion therapy and positive reinforcement to get you through the toughest times and help you swiftly bounce back from withdrawal symptoms.

Loss-aversion bias theory is the reluctance to lose things of value, especially when making a decision under uncertain conditions. Research shows that people are strongly affected by the fear of loss. Not only that, but also this theory stipulates that we are naturally predisposed to acting more on the fear of losing than the joy of gaining. Meaning we tend to take losses harder than we enjoy our wins. It is an innate, hard-wired response inside each one of us. 

The psychological theory of loss aversion forms the basis of Quittercheck’s highly effective nicotine cessation program. We apply the same reward and deterrent system to all users across the board. Quittercheck users (or Quitters) that succeed are rewarded, and those that fail, lose the amount they put on the line.  Research has been shown that the fear of losing just a small percentage of money outweighs the potential of gaining more, which is why the Quittercheck program is highly effective.

Users get monetary rewards for every test they pass but failing tests results in a loss of money. These losses have a bigger toll on the participants than the wins they scoop up along the way. For this reason, loss aversion frequently motivates participants to succeed if the potential loss is restrictive (read high) enough. You’ll be able to set the amount you put on the line, or pledge . It’s highly personal, and only you can decide what that amount is. If the amount you set is not enough of a deterrent, you can always raise it at any point during your plan, although you will not be able to lower it. The higher it is, the more motivated you’ll be to stick to your goal.

Quittercheck also employs the power of positive psychology. When you’re rewarded for accomplishing something good, it reinforces the behavior, and motivates you to continue. . For every test you pass, you get a small cash reward, and you’ll see your rewards growing throughout the duration of your program, underscoring the power of positive reinforcement.

If loss aversion and positive psychology don’t provide enough motivation to quit, we also have a savings calculator to help you keep track of all the money you’ve saved by quitting. Cigarettes or any nicotine habit are seriously expensive, and once you clearly visualize the savings, it’ll inspire you to keep going.

At Quittercheck, we offer our users constant positive affirmations, persistent encouragement, and ongoing help to overcome the daunting challenges that they experience throughout their quit journey. Psychologically, a positive mindset and an enabling environment can nurture people to achieve great success, and that’s exactly the kind of platform we provide for you.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to be some toxic positivity “You Can Do It!” type of program. We understand the journey is difficult, and it’s almost impossible to remain positive at all times, especially when you’re experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms. We worked with a team of expert psychologists and ex-smokers when structuring our programs, so we understand the little details that non-smokers simply cannot fathom.

All this makes the Quittercheck program a simple, effective, and proven way to quit smoking for good.


Testing Process

A closer look at the weekly testing
process proven to help you quit


Craving Device

Venquil - Quittercheck

A large (and often underrated) part of nicotine addiction actually comes down to the simple action of holding something and lifting it to your lips (the hand-to-mouth motion that mimics the act of smoking or vaping). We designed Venquil with the aim of simulating this experience to help you effectively deal with nicotine cravings by giving you a physical device to replace that cigarette or vape pen.

However, this tool is more than that. Venquil offers additional benefits such as the ability to calm your mind and body by slowing down your breathing – a concept based on the Buddhist Monk breathing necklace used for meditation. The device helps you ride the wave of incessant nicotine cravings calmly by providing back pressure to regulate your breathing and stirring the nerves responsible for bringing about a calming effect.

Proper breathing techniques are scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Ease anxiety